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With the solar energy system you will install on your roof, you will both end your electricity bills and make the most environmentally friendly energy investment.

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With the installation of land type solar energy systems, you will be able to meet the consumption of your factories, businesses or facilities, regardless of the region, and sell the surplus production.

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A More Livable Environment for Future Generations

In order to transfer its corporate experience and to leave a more livable environment to future generations by evaluating this potential with the most accurate methods, IBT SOLAR ENERGY, whose foundations date back to 2011, operates at every point in Turkey with the belief in the high solar energy potential of our country.



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Ideal design of your system, management of permit application and approval processes, business calendar…

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Your project is created with the studies we will do in accordance with your request and...

Post-Installation Services:

After the installation, we provide certification, maintenance & repair and remote monitoring & control...

Product Supply:

Thanks to the cooperation and solution partnerships we have made with the leading manufacturers of the sector....

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Üçpınar Güneş Enerjisi Santrali
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Tiryaki Agro Güneş Enerjisi Santrali
Bor güneş enerjisi santrali
Çolak Güneş Enerjisi Santrali
Ceyhan Güneş Enerjisi Santrali

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    How to Improve the Efficiency of Solar Panels

    Solar energy breakthrough creates electricity from

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    Şirketimiz hakkında son gelişmeler

    09 May 2023


    Türkiye’de güneş enerjisi teknolojileri alanında lider şirketlerden biri olan IBT SOLAR, Solarex Güneş Enerjisi ve

    13 Apr 2023

    IBT Solar Geleceğimizi İnşa Ediyor

    Türkiye’de güneş enerjisi teknolojileri alanında başı çeken şirketlerden biri olan IBT SOLAR, bu sene 15’incisi

    22 Feb 2021

    Soytaş Holding’e Ait Rumeli Hayvancılık GES Projesinin Geçici Kabulü Tamamlanmıştır

    Anahtar teslim olarak kurulumunu tamamladığımız, Soytaş Holding’e ait Rumeli Hayvancılık GES projesinin geçici kabulü tamamlanmıştır. Kırklareli’nde

    16 Oct 2018

    Edirne’de Tekstil Fabrikası, Enerjisini Güneşten Üretecek

    IBT SOLAR, anahtar teslim proje uygulamalarına devam ediyor. Edirne’de Türkiye’nin lider tekstil firmalarından Edirne Giyim

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