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Post-Installation Services:

A More Livable Environment for Future Generations

In order to transfer its corporate experience and to leave a more livable environment to future generations by evaluating this potential with the most accurate methods, IBT SOLAR ENERGY, whose foundations date back to 2011, operates at every point in Turkey with the belief in the high solar energy potential of our country.

Turkey is in an efficient and very promising position regarding photovoltaic solar energy production. As Turkey offers excellent radiance values according to the National Institute of Energy Production Research, with an average of 7.2 hours a day and 2,640 hours of sunshine per year, it has the potential to generate approximately 380 million kilowatt-hours of solar energy per year, more than most parts of Europe.

IBT SOLAR ENERGY, one of the leading companies in Turkey in photovoltaic systems, provides consultancy, project design, engineering and product supply services, especially turn-key installation (EPC) services of licensed and unlicensed projects.



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Our Post-Installation Services

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Certification Services

Our certified photovoltaic inspection specialists can inspect and confirm the compliance of your facility with construction, installation and operating standards, and issue relevant technical reports on possible downsides. In this way, you can be sure that your facility will be built according to international standards accepted in the sector and that it will produce energy at the committed values.

Maintenance & Repair Services

Your projected energy production shall only be possible with the healthy operation of your photovoltaic system. Therefore, the focus of all our services is the smooth operation of your system. As the leading photovoltaic brand nationwide, you can always rely on our vast knowledge and expertise for the maximum performance of your system. You can access our entire range of services from a single point from remote monitoring and preventive inspections to potential failure interventions and detailed reporting. With the on-site and rapid intervention of our authorized, professionally trained and specialized regional dealers throughout the country and with available spare products in our stocks, you can prevent possible malfunction situations, eliminate and compensate production losses immediately.

Remote Monitoring & Control

With IBT SOLAR, which specialized in Maintenance and Repair issues, you can access the entire range of services on remote monitoring and tracking from a single source from remote monitoring and preventive inspections to potential failure interventions and detailed reporting.



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